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Business Card Design

Create a good impression with your business card design

Do you want your business card to be monochromatic? fun? unusual? eye-catching? Your business card says a lot about you and your company, therefore careful deliberation should be made in choosing the correct type.

No matter how good you are as a presenter or how big your company is, the thing that would make your clients remember you is the business card you gave them. Business cards can make good and bad impressions depending on its design.

Put your best foot forward with the help of EasyPrint Japan

Our graphic designers will help you achieve a business card design that reflects your company’s vision and purpose.

The following are the elements needed in designing your business card.

  • Font/typeface – The typeface should be able to represent what the company is all about
  • Colour – Colour should complement the design you want.
  • Balance – Information should be strategically placed on the business card to attain good readability.
  • Use space wisely – Spaces also help in promoting better readability.
  • Back and front – Business cards nowadays use the back portion for additional information. Fancy a list of products and services at the back of your business card? This and many other suggestions can be made by our EasyPrint designers.
  • Paper suggestions – We know this is such a confusing task so let us help you decide on the paper type.
  • Emboss or varnish – You decide. Pick the one that can make your business card more noticeable.
  • Die cut – Tired of the usual designs? Ask our EasyPrint designers for die cut suggestions!


Business Card Size

What size should you use for your business card?

Everything about the business card is important – its size included.

So what size is most appropriate?

Generally, customers choose the standard size so that it fits perfectly in your cardholder or wallet. You have a choice though to be a little bit different from the norm by choosing long, thin, big and bold paper sizes.

Before you veer away from the usual, here are the characteristics of a standard business card:

  • 85 mm wide by 55 mm in height – Just the right size for your cardholder and wallet.
  • Easily readable – The information on the business card are distinct.
  • is trimmed accordingly to fit cardholders and wallets.

If you don’t need your card to fit to a particular holder, then you should try the different card sizes that we have in EasyPrint Japan.

We have graphic designers who can advise you regarding the size, style and finish of your business cards. We will be working with you to ensure that the business card will be able to embody the company it represents.

Standard? Non-standard size? Consult us and we’ll help you get the most out of your business cards.


Types of Business Cards

We work with all types of business cards.

A business card has many types.

In creating a standard or non-standard business card, don’t forget to consult with our EasyPrint Business Card Specialists.

Business Card Specialists

Easyprint Japan has a group of experts who will be working with you in the creation of your business card. We have prior experiences in creating different types of business cards so we’ll be able to offer you different options to choose from.

Types of business cards:

  • Premium Business Cards – This business card gives a direct impression of what the company is all about in conjunction with a beautiful design and finest stock.
  • Embossed Business Cards – Want to give your business card a different “feel”? Try our Embossed business cards to give an impression of quality and class.
  • Gloss Business Cards – Gloss Business Card is the perfect choice if you are looking for a more durable but stylish card.
  • Matte Business Cards – Matte business cards never go out of style. They provide a silky or satin feel that is intriguing and fun to touch.
  • Standard Business Cards – We also create and print standard business cards. All you need are the information to be put on the card and you’re good to go!
  • Appointment Cards – Never miss an appointment ever again! Choose appointment cards if your profession greatly depends on appointments.

If you are still undecided on what type to pick, feel free to contact us here in EasyPrint Japan and we’ll have our graphic designers guide you in the creation of your very own business card.