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Invitations and Stationery

Invitations and Stationeries designed for your own use

EasyPrint Japan has added invitations and stationery to their mix of well-designed products.
Explore a variety of designs for weddings, parties and other special events through EasyPrint Japan. You can add originality to the designs by giving it a personal touch. If you have a particular concept you would like to work on, we’ll be able to help you out through our expert team.

You can choose from the following products:

  • Letterheads – Letterheads should be made professional. We at EasyPrint Japan understands the importance of letterheads and ensures that not only do we take care of the look of your letterhead, but we also choose the appropriate stock for it.
  • Envelopes – Envelopes can show your clients how important the letters you’re sending. Customize your envelopes by choosing what to put on them and have the luxury of being able to design them on your own!
  • Notepads – Try putting your company logo on your notepads or watermark them to give them a professional look. We can customize them anyway you like!
  • Presentation Folders – Want to have your presentation folders to bear your company name and logo? EasyPrint Japan can do just that. We help our clients create a good impression with creating professional presentation folders.
  • Name Badges – Name badges are the perfect tool to make yourself known without having to shout over a crowd. Artistic name badges can help create relationships between people.
  • Stickers & Labels – Consider creating professionally-designed sticker and labels to improve your public profile. You can use these stickers on your products, mail or packages.
  • Place Cards – For parties, events and weddings, use place cards to write the names of your guests per table. We can make it look sophisticated or rock depending on your order.
  • Thank you Cards – Show appreciation to your guests with our thank you cards. These are available in different colors and designs.