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Promotional Materials

We specialize in creating stylish promotional materials

Confused on how to make your promotional materials? EasyPrint Japan offers a variety of services that can help you mold that promotional material you’re dreaming of. Just give us details on how you want your promotional material to look like and we’ll do the rest. Experts will be working with you through planning, designing and printing your final material.

You can pick from any of the following promotional materials:

  • Loyalty Cards – Loyalty cards are especially created to show how you value your customers. We suggest that you make your Loyalty cards as eye-catching and stylish as possible.
  • Gift Certificates – We make gift certificates that leaves a lasting impression to customers. We offer affordable prices for gift certificates!
  • Calendar – Want to give your customers something to remember you by? Why not try calendars in EasyPrint Japan! We can make calendars in different colors and designs.
  • Notepads – Professional-looking notepads are bestsellers here in EasyPrint Japan. We can include your company name and other important details. Just tell us what needs to be done.

Any questions? Please consult with us!